Friday, April 22, 2011

Sons and Mothers

"A son is a son till he takes him a wife, a daughter is a daughter all of her life." ~Irish Saying

Today, I had a visitor in my office and we got to talking about families and she said she had four sons.  And then she teared up and said the saying above and how true it really is and how heartbreaking for the mother. 
I've thought of this in the past, because a dear friend of mine also has only sons and she's worried when they grow up and get married that she will lose them.  I always laughed because why would she worry about that now, be happy and let them grow up and welcome a new daughter into your life when they find that right girl.  But to see this woman today, 58 years old, in tears in my office because she has no one at home to take care of anymore and they don't call her for advice like a daughter would - really opened my eyes.  Last spring, when Samalander was born, an aunt included a letter to me in her baby gift - talking about boys and their moms and the bonds that you can build with them.  I need to find that letter and re-read it.
I think about how many times I call my own mom when I have problems or just want to chat.  Pretty soon it's been 45 minutes and I have no idea what we talked about but it's time to go.  I don't know how often my brother calls my mom.  I know DH doesn't call his mom very often, he always calls his dad.  Why is this? 
Right now, I am THE WORLD to our youngest boy.  He will bypass his dad and beeline for me, every time.  DH will be playing with him and if I walk through the room, he turns his head like an owl to see me and then will end up following me around.  When does that end?  I don't know that I want it to (except of course when it's with tears and him standing there with his arms up begging to be picked up - or he'll sit on my feet if I'm at the counter in an effort to get me to pick him up rather than continue what I was doing). 
I guess I can only hope that my three boys will end up with a wonderful girl who will want to drink wine and play Scrabble with me.  Is that too much to ask?  I don't think so. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Insane Clown Posse

A few weeks back, we went to the circus.  Friday night was free for kids and I ended up getting a free ticket as well.  Score!  Though I knew that it was good that we got in for free, as I would be dropping some change inside.  Darn carnies.

We met my seester and her son, and my seester-in-law and her two girls (it was just me and the two big boys.  DH took Samalander home).  As soon as we walked in the door, we were assaulted with flashing lights from the GREATEST THING EVER (if you're a 4- or 6-YO boy).  Light-up swords with a globe on the end.  OOOOH aaaaahhhhhhh.  And a whopping $10 each.  Seriously?  So the boys were super excited and I said - this is it, nothing else if we get these. OK!!  Sigh.  Fine. 

So we start to meander towards some seats.  Everywhere we go, it's full.  Or there's onesies and twosies available.  Um, we've got 5 kids and 3 adults.  Crap.  We eventually find a section towards one end but we can still see all three rings fairly well.  BUT we can't sit together.  A couple in one row, a few in another and the other three in another.  Sigh.  Oh well, we want them to WATCH the circus anyway rather than play with each other and be generally annoying.  This might be a good thing. 

Right in front of us were the elephant rides.  Elephants take big poops.  My boys were amazed by it.  And had to tell everyone around us about it.  And the shovelers.  And what was in the garbage cans.  I guess that's what happens when you have boys.

I had a master plan to cut out at intermission.  Of course, the Ringmaster (freaky dude by the way) kept saying that the show was NOT over.  Way to undermine me buddy.  I appreciate it.  The boys were being super good anyway and so yes, I decided we could stick it out.  They went with their aunt to the bouncy slides and forked over $5 EACH to go down the slide 3 TIMES.  They must make a boatload of money at the circus for what they charge. 

By the end of the night, I was amazed to realize that they hadn't begged for food, for more toys, for elephant rides, or a ring of fire.  Since when we watch cartoons, there's a cacophony of "I want that" all the time, I was truly surprised. :)  All in all, a good night was had. 

Oh, and the swords broke the next day.