Thursday, December 8, 2011


I don't know that I've ever been so flaky before.

I'm not planning things out well.  I'm spacing on dates and names.  I don't get the jokes.  I'm always about a half-second behind (or more!).

This is just not me.  We're having a Christmas Party this weekend and I don't have a menu planned (Hiiii, it's Thursday and this party is Saturday).  I don't have decorations up, I don't have booze bought, I am just completely unorganized.  My seester is worried because by now, she should have a list from me on what I expect her to do.

I'm not the most high-strung person normally, but I do like to plan events.  I am organized and have lists upon lists upon lists.  I half-assed a Christmas list the other day and it bored me and I quit.   That has NEVER happened.  Usually, I'm procrastinating other things while I tweak and fine-tune my many many lists.

I hope to hell that this is not my new normal.  Please please please be temporary.  Will it be better or - gasp! - worse while DH is deployed?  Frick.  I hope not.  Yes, I just wrote out Frick.  I am just totally not on my game.