Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kinder kids

What was I thinking - having two boys with summer birthdays.  Thankfully, I got it right by the time the third one rolled around - he's a March.  No questions about going to kindergarten when he's 5.  Our first child - he's a June.  We did the kindergarten readiness and screening that is required by the school - he of course was very ready.  Our second child - he misses the cutoff for entering kindergarten by ONE DAY. 

ONE DAY.  So now we have to go through some extra hoops if we want him to go to kindergarten when he's 5.  Yes, he would turn 5 the month he would start school.  So now we apply to early admission.  Because he misses by ONE DAY.  In addition to the regular school screening, he also has to go an extra screening through the county. 

It's such a hot topic among parents (and grandparents apparently, yes, mom, I realize you're triyng in your own passive-agressive way to get me to keep him back until he's 6).  The thing is - he's ready.  He can do all the things that the school says he should be able to do by the END of the kindergarten year.  So I know he's ready. 

My only concern is that during his testing/screening - what if he frickin chokes?  What if he starts messing around?  Screening happens well before he's 5 - it starts in March!  Ack!  I do NOT want to pay for daycare for another year for this kid. ;)

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Hot Sam and Cheese started crawling on New Year's Eve.  And now he won't stay in one place.  EVER.  He's popping up all over, I've never had so many doors closed in my house before. 

The kid is fast.  He's not walking yet, but he's pulling himself up all over and basically irritating the bejeezus out of me.  Why can't he just stay put?  Why does he need to sneak into the slightly open pantry door and pull all the swiffer dusters out of their box?  Why does he have to pull open the drawer that has plastic baggies in it and strew them all over the kitchen?  Why does he have to spot an open door and proceed to go into my room, into my bathroom and dump the bathroom garbage over?  (please note, amazingly enough, I had just emptied the garbage in there and so there was one toilet paper roll in the garbage - nothing else.  That has to be a miracle and totally reduced the ick factor).  But still.  The only way I can get him to stop moving for a minute is to start clapping - he'll immediately stop, sit back down on his bottom and start clapping along.  :)

Just STAY PUT.  But he won't.  And soon he'll be taking those first steps away from the safety of holding onto the couch.  And then he'll run.  And my mind will run straight out the door as well. 

*I feel I must put a disclaimer here.  It's not that I want him to end up being the lazy people like in the movie Wall-E, but my baby is growing up too fast here people.  And since he's the last one, I'm a little....let's say "overly emotional" when it comes to him doing these big things.  He's 11 months as of yesterday.  Argh.