Thursday, March 31, 2011

Victory will be mine...

There are a lot of random, useless knowledge that DH and I will throw around the house.  Can you name all 7 dwarfs (I could)?  Which leads into naming the Supreme Court Justices (I couldn't).  If I for sure want to stump my DH though, I should ask him for the Von Trapp Family names.  Because HE WON'T KNOW IT.  He has never seen The Sound of Music! 

I don't know if he was under a rock while growing up, but how can he not have seen this movie?  It's a classic!  It's been on TV a ton!  Beautifully restored and digital image-tized (totally made that word up).  But you know what I'm saying. 

This past weekend, I was reminded of this fact when Grease came on VH1 and he said something about never seeing it either!  What the what!??!  I feel like I don't know him at all anymore!  Ok, sorry, I feel melodramatic tonight.  I guess I shouldn't be shocked, but c'mon. 

So do I get him to watch both the Sound of Music and Grease without letting him know that I've made it my mission??  Because he is as stubborn as I am.  Worse in some ways. So if he knows that I'm trying to do this, he'll totally buck the system and then relentlessly mock me for even attempting to dupe him. 
Do I make sure it's on the big screen that he just got?  Entice him with some Pizza Corner Pepperoni pizza and an ice cold Mellow Yellow in a frosty mug?  (seriously, it'd probably work better than a beer or a Limon/7).  Or do I pull out the big guns - bribe one of the boys to say they want to watch it with him?  ;)  (well, that's only for The Sound of Music - I don't think I'll let a 6YO watch Grease yet). 

Any tips to try to get him to watch these with me!?? 

Friday, March 4, 2011


One year ago tonight, I was resting "comfortably" in a hospital bed, my DH by my side.  We were anxiously awaiting the birth of our third (and final) child.  We weren't sure if we were having a boy or a girl, though everyone tried telling me it had to be a girl - must have been wishful thinking.  Deep down, I never was able to get on board with that idea - just didn't feel right. 

Nurses coming in and checking things out, helping things along if need be.  Not the most restful night, but I guess it was prepping us for when we got home again.  Decided at 5:30am to start the pitocin - let's get this show on the road.  My water broke an hour later - by itself in a very weird egg/bubble type of episode that the nurse had never seen before in her career (I'm awesome, what can I say) and then I started getting sick.  Sick sick sick to my stomach.  My very large, very swollen stomach.

While it seemed like forever at the time, the process went pretty darn fast.  I guess kiddo number three will do that.  Samuel Grant was born at 8:30 that morning (gonna be a "Sam" regardless of gender was our idea).  He was a good two pounds heavier than his older brothers were - what the heck!??!  How does that happen??  Our doctor (yes, my doctor is also his pediatrician) hefted him up and said "oh we've got at least a nine-pounder here."  NO FRICKIN WAY.  But yes, he was 9lb 6oz.  Compared to the 7lb 12oz and 7lb 3oz that his brothers were - this was INSANE!

But even with his size, things went well.  We went home the next day, rather than spend another night in the hospital.  Call us crazy, but we just wanted to get our family home.

He has turned out to be a wonderful baby (must be the parents).  He sleeps, he eats, he laughs, he plays, he entertains and he loves.  He's into everything possible and will squeal with displeasure if you take something away - but it's adorable.  A-dor-a-bull.  

So tomorrow we will celebrate Sam (Samboni, Samalander, Hot Sam & Cheese, Sir Sam-a-lot, Samburgler, Moons over my Sammy, etc) on his first birthday.  We will have cake (lovingly made my moi) and ice cream and pizza and we will have fun and be merry.  He won't remember a moment of it but first birthdays are for us anyway. ;)