Thursday, December 8, 2011


I don't know that I've ever been so flaky before.

I'm not planning things out well.  I'm spacing on dates and names.  I don't get the jokes.  I'm always about a half-second behind (or more!).

This is just not me.  We're having a Christmas Party this weekend and I don't have a menu planned (Hiiii, it's Thursday and this party is Saturday).  I don't have decorations up, I don't have booze bought, I am just completely unorganized.  My seester is worried because by now, she should have a list from me on what I expect her to do.

I'm not the most high-strung person normally, but I do like to plan events.  I am organized and have lists upon lists upon lists.  I half-assed a Christmas list the other day and it bored me and I quit.   That has NEVER happened.  Usually, I'm procrastinating other things while I tweak and fine-tune my many many lists.

I hope to hell that this is not my new normal.  Please please please be temporary.  Will it be better or - gasp! - worse while DH is deployed?  Frick.  I hope not.  Yes, I just wrote out Frick.  I am just totally not on my game.


  1. i'm not normally very organized, but usually by now i have all decor up, many, many cookies baked and given away, about 1/2 presents purchased & wrapped. this year? i've been playing Christmas music and i just got the tree 2 nights ago. that's it. made some cookies when my mom was out here, but that was b/c it was her cookies to deliver to downtown mpls mission stuff. hmmm.... maybe something in the air this year?

  2. I hate to say it, but it may get WORSE while he is deployed, I think all of this comes from age too and the older the kids get the more time is lost for making those lists and being as organized as you once were...I feel you!!