Friday, January 7, 2011

I'ma Baack!

If you don't know, that's what Luigi says when you re-up on his lives in Super Mario Brothers for the Wii. 

I've become addicted. 

And it's painful.  The painful part(s)?   A) Playing with a 6YO who is still getting the hang of video games.  Mario Kart - he can beat me 7 ways from Sunday.   Super Mario Brothers?  Who knew that my junior high/high school/college days would come in handy?  Seriously, WHO KNEW??!   Oh and B) my poor left thumb. 

So far, I am impressing my DH and my kids with my Super Mario Brothers prowess.  I'm hopping on the bad guys and bopping them on the head.  It's great!  My competitive spirit has been revived.   I take more joy in beating my DH, but I'll take the victory over a 6YO too.  Whatev.  Don't judge.

So I reach out to my college roomie (who I'd been friends with since kindergarten) on Facebook.  She reminded me that not only did we play, we would have tourneys AND we would pause the game to go to class and then resume when we got back.  Man, were we cool or what??!?  ;)

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