Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dude. Sweet.

Random post.  Sorry. :)

I feel like I'm getting old.  I'm 33.  I look at Senior Pictures on Facebook and think they look so young.  Kids I remember are getting married.  Aren't they still like 8 or 9?  No?  Ugh.

Prom season as well.  Makes me happy to have boys.  Yes, the girls look gorgeous.  But man, I'd worry about my daughter.  I guess I will get to worry about my nieces instead. :)

Been on the hunt for bargains lately.  Not sure why, as I'm trying to de-clutter my house.  I'm taking the 30-day challenge from IHeart Organizing and am CLEARING out the clutter!  I've got so much that has moved with us from ND to CO to ND again and I do not need it all!  I'm also feeling the need to be craftier (or crafty even) other than cakes.  I don't know that I'd want to put a bunch of stuff in my house, but I'm kinda tired of bare-ish walls.  I will be doing a gallery wall though soon, a la Young House Love. :)  Just need to work out some details and start nailin. 

I don't know why my husband will carry a glass around with him and put it on the end table when he goes to bed instead of taking 10 steps and taking it to the kitchen.  Is it really that hard?  I think not.

I've got a few cakes on the line for upcoming events.  How do I quit my job and make cakes full time?  I need more practice but I'm loving the cakes! :) 

K, I think my randomness is done for right now.  Later gator.   


  1. Thanks for making me worry about prom. If the girls are lucky, Jack will let them go... wearing skirtsuits.

  2. @{NiceGirlNotes}
    Don't get me wrong - the girls are gorgeous. But the Dresses. The strapless and the slits up to their ribs (exaggeration, but still). Ooh boy. Maybe skirtsuits will be in by the time your girls go to prom. Or maybe - culottes. ;)