Monday, September 5, 2011

Cleanin cleanin cleanin

I am in a Clean Sweep mood.  Remember that show?  It was great, with Peter the organizer and the somewhat irritating construction guy who could build anything?  Loved it. 

DH and I cleaned out the garage yesterday.  Big pile of toss, big pile of "needs to leave this house" and unfortunately, the biggest pile was keep.  Sigh.  Though, to be fair, the most stuff was Christmas, Halloween and Easter things.  And I was able to organize a bunch more of it into tubs because I've gotten rid of SO MUCH OTHER STUFF that I have this huge pile of empty plastic tubs.

The only room in the house that still needs some help would be the office/guest room/crafty room.  I found some shelving at IKEA that I want to get.   Oh and I need to redo the pantry.  And the china hutch.  Ok, so I guess I still have some work to do. :)

So why do I love cleaning out that clutter but hate regular ol' cleaning? 

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