Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yes, me too!

Yes, I'm writing tonight about it being time to go back to school.  Yes, I know that everyone and their DOG for pete's sake have written about this if they have a child who will be going to school or if they once smelled a child who was walking by on their way to school.   Whatever, don't judge. 

So anyway.  Two years ago, our oldest went to Kindergarten.  We went to a back-to-school night about a week before school started that was specifically for kindergarteners.  It was great.  They met the teachers, unpacked their stuff, learned where the bathrooms and gym and lunch room were.  It was all very organized and orderly and put this first time momma at ease. 

Now, back-to-school night is with all kids - Pre-K through Seniors.  It's a madhouse.  Not much organization when you're walking around.  Sure, we got their stuff put away and met their teachers (2nd Grade and Kindergarten) and the water fountains and whatnot.  But I still feel so disorganized.  Like, did I tell the teachers that the boys are riding the bus home instead of to the after-school program?  Did I mention to J-Bird's teacher that he just got his glasses earlier this week and we need to be watching him a little closer to make sure he gets used to them?  Did I tell T-Dogg's teacher that he just had his adenoids out and has been having a sore neck? 

No, I don't know that I told them any of that.   I can't guarantee that I sent my two oldest boys to school with all the prep that I could do for them and with them.  And I agonized all day. 

Did they make it home on the right bus?  Yep.  Did J-Bird lose/break/mangle his glasses?  Nope.  Were they worn out and ready for an early bedtime tonight?  Damn straight.  Ah, my work here is done.  :)

Only to do over again and again for the next how many years??? 

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