Monday, October 31, 2011

Whatever's your bag, baby...

Ok, so dude, I'm doing my first link-up party.  Yeah, it's true.  Mostly because I'm nosy.  Nosy nosy Noserton.  Not a real word, but whatever.  :)

So here you go!! 

First up - let's start at 11:00pm.  My wallet.  I didn't open it for you because, really, it's just a wallet.  To the right is my business card holder and some cards that I can't live without ('sup Brooke and The Nail Bar - dude, they serve booze with pedicures).  Then a list of what we need to replace the water pump in the Yukon.  Joy.  A gift card to Applebees.  Then a couple lip glosses (I *heart* Bath & Body Works).  A tide stick, a benadryl stick and a couple Band-Aids.  Then a nail clipper - dude, it took me 32 years to figure out I should carry one with me.  Some random earrings (three pairs) that I keep in my purse to spice it up.  Ok, they really are there because I take them off at the end of the day and don't wanna carry them into the house apparently. 

Then mints.  Man, I love mints.  I can't chew gum, so mints are my life. :) 

A pager for work.  Yes, you read that right.  I carry a pager and I am NOT a drug dealer.  Woah, what the what??  Yeah.  My work badge and keys and then my car keys.  That orange slice makes me happy. 

My three pens that I must have with me as well.  Then a little fold wallet for when I don't wanna carry my purse inside.  My froggy coin purse that is probably 10+ years old.  Some excedrin, lotion and my purse tag. 

Phew, not as bad as I thought.  Of course, I have started to carry a separate bag with my planner(s), more mints and random Target reusable bags. :) 

Here you are: 


  1. Oh my gosh. What's a Benadryl stick? I must know! And I'm jealous that your local nail place serves drinks.

  2. Oh my, I realized I put "dude" like three times in that post. Ooops. I blame the Halloween sugar high. :)

    Roo, a Benadryl stick is the best thing ever - portable, topical Benadryl! Bug bites, rashes, etc. :) I love it!