Sunday, October 2, 2011

Yikes - time flies!

Hmm, well, if you're a loyal follower (hi mom, hi sister), it's been a while since I posted!!

Apparently September flew by and I didn't get a chance to do a durn thing online here.  What did I do this month?  Well, let's see.
  • Had my 8th wedding anniversary 
  • DH's birthday
  • Quick trip to Vegas for a semi-long weekend
  • Made 6 (or 7?) cakes for various events
  • State HR conference - I was on the committee and so it was a hectic month!
  • Had a going away party for my brother-in-law for when he goes overseas in a couple months
  • Pinned probably 200 pins to my new addiction...
  • Sick kids, sick husband...
  • Plus the day to day living of working full time outside of the home, raising 3 boys, trying to keep everything straight!  Yay me! :)
So yeah, I guess that was my month.  Woah.  Seemed pretty constant.  Will October slow down?  Well, it's 10/2 today and so far - not slowing down at all.  But I will try to be more consistent.  I was going to try to do the 31 Days of... that I saw on the nester site, but all of the sudden it was the end of September and I hadn't come up with anything yet!  Urgh!  I guess there's always next year?     

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