Saturday, August 7, 2010

Feelin Hot Hot Hot

How can a child go from 98.6 to 102.7 in the span of 2 hours of SLEEP?

Why do they always get a fever in the middle of the night? When they’re tired, you’re tired, and you have no idea what just woke you up?

J woke up last night and comes crying up the stairs. I meet him halfway, and you can feel the heat radiating off of him. So I tell him, let’s go into the bathroom and take your temp and get some medicine. He says no.

What?? No?? You LOVE medicine!!

No, he reiterates. Crying, with snot running down his face. Great. He has to go to the bathroom he says. So we go in, he does his business and then is ok to have some medicine. Ok, fine. So I lift him up to the counter and get out the thermometer (the ear kind, I can’t do the recommended kind – shudder). BEEP. 102.3 degrees. Awesome. So I grab the Motrin (well, generic since it was all recalled a couple months back).

No, no medicine he says. I want water first.

So I get him a glass of water.

Not THAT glass! I want Mickey!

Ok….deep breath. I go to the cupboard. No Mickey. He’s in the dishwasher. So I grab him out and wash him out. Mind you, we’ve got other Mickey Mouse glasses in the cupboard, but I *know* that they are not the one he is talking about.

Walk back into the bathroom where he’s still sitting on the counter. He can’t even hold the cup, he’s shaking so bad. Breaks my heart.

So I help him drink. And pour the Motrin.

No, no medicine he says. Oh for Pete’s sake. Immediately, I go from pity to pissed. Come on. Take your medicine. No. What about this medicine (holding up the generic Tylenol). Do you want red medicine instead of orange? No. I want another drink. This time he can hold it. So that’s good at least. Then I start the coaxing. You can have your medicine and then another drink and then you can sleep with mommy and daddy. Doesn’t that sound good?

He stares at me. Finally, he nods. YES!

So I pour the medicine in his mouth, hand him his water and then we head to my room.

Where I proceed to get kicked the rest of the night and end up with a heel in the eye.

But at least he’s not hot anymore, right?

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  1. I feel I should clarify the temp taken - my first line says 102.7. That's what he was on Wednesday night when he came upstairs and DH got up with him and took care of him. The 102.3 temp was from Friday night, when I got up with him. :)