Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hi ho, Hi ho, It's off to work I go!

Unless of course, I miss the plane.

A few years back a friend of mine was flying for her first time ever. She was extremely nervous about it. So nervous, that she was super early to the airport (DIA, nice airport). Since she was SO early, she decided to go have a drink at the bar in the terminal. Well, one drink turned into…let’s just say more than one. Eventually decided to say her farewells to the people she met at the bar and go back to her gate. She found her flight had left without her.

I’ve flown my fair share of times. Not a newbie, but not a real seasoned traveler either. I’ve flown for work, for pleasure, and for displeasure (traveling with kids, but that’s another story). I’m a bookie. Love to read. So I find airports and plane rides are perfect for me to catch up on a book or two.

When I’m at home reading, I can multi-task. I’m reading, watching tv, listening to the boys, listening to my husband, texting and surfing the interwebs. Get me into an airport and apparently I turn into a hermit and have no idea what is around me!

This past fall, I got to my gate at the Chicago airport and sat down with my book. I had two more in my luggage since I knew I’d finish this one quickly. I became immersed in the book. To the point where I didn’t hear them calling my flight. And you know airports – they call the flights NUMEROUS times before you have to run for the gate. Ah, I’m sitting at the gate, there’s no need to rush. Or pay attention.

Pretty soon, I think I hear my name. Hm, what was that? I look around. I don’t hear it again and I don’t see it on the screen. Huh, oh well. Must not have been. As I look around, I notice that it’s pretty dang empty at the gate now. Crap. Then I hear my name again. Yep, that’s me. So I get up and walk the 10 feet (yes, 10 feet) to the counter. Oops. I got to be the last one on the plane! Yay me!

I'm set to fly next week.  Let's see how this one goes! :)

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  1. HA!! I did not know you managed to totally tune out your flight info!! Nice work. I must admit, I also love to read at the gate, on the plane, at the luggage pickup....ok maybe not the last one but I wouldn't put it past me.