Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chotchkies chotchkies everywhere!

I've become addicted to the blogging world.  I am a couple months in now and have my faves I check out every day (here's looking at you, Roo and Jen!), and then I start clicking on links and likes and comment-makers and it becomes this huge spiraling rabbit hole of blogs and ideas and whirling whimsical creatures, oh my! 

No seriously, I can spend hours clicking through blogs, seeing what I like and what I don't like.  Hours. 

I find myself drawn to the ones that have funny stories mixed in with your basic awesomeness.  You know, like me. ;) And I can spend eons looking at beautiful cakes and ideas there.  Then I get to the craft blogs.  There are A LOT.  And they all seem to be friends and use the same ideas as each other and tweak it just a bit to be their idea, but that's noneofyabusiness.  I'm not going to even attempt at understanding the rules of borrowing designs and whatnot.

What I don't get is this.  What do people DO with all of these crafts?  Are their houses just overrun with teeny tiny sculptures of metal and buttons?  Are they the Griswolds of the craft world?  The joke back in the day would reference doilies at grandma's houses.  These crafters nowadays are starting YOUNG.  They have a lot of years to jam pack their homes with "stuff" ("stuff" being the word that I chose to use rather than something that could be deemed as oh let's say offensive.  Wouldn't want those crafters come after me with their hot glue guns and shiny pennies). 

Let me get this out there though - I am NOT knocking the crafts themselves because there is really quite a lot of stuff that I think looks so cool.  What I'm questioning is the need to make 12 of that same thing.  What do you do with them all?  My seester made a wreath the other day and it looks awesome!  Would I mind if she gave me one?  Nope, that'd be great.  Hint.  Ahem.  But what if she makes them for every change of season, every occasion, every time she sneezes?  What would we DO with all those wreaths??? 

At least my chosen creativity outlet of the moment is edible.  Throw a party and there's nothing left. :)

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