Wednesday, October 6, 2010 dear dear friend

There's a site out there dedicated and called "moms who need wine" and I *love* it.  There are a bunch of contributors who tell stories - I like to think they're all true, maybe I'm naive, but I like my life like that. 

And some of these stories just ROCK.  And make me cackle out loud.  To the point where my DH will push pause on the tv and wait patiently for me to catch my breath and wipe my eyes and read out loud to him the stories.  Some I edit because he wouldn't think that was funny AT ALL but I do.  Love love love them.

My seeester (let me insert OLDER here) has started a wine club for us girls.  We get together, each of us bringing a wine that fits the bill for the night and then $5.  We do some taste testing of all the wines and then rank them.  Whoever's wine gets the highest ranks wins the pot of moolah. We had our first club gathering last week - and it was F.U.N.!  I did not win the cash money, but I did get a good list going of new wines I like and will be trying out!  WOO HOOO!!! 

Thankfully I did not get pulled over on my way home, as my sister thought it would be funny to try to put a teeeny tiny amount of red wine in my glass and ended up spilling all over my jeans!  Yikes!  How could I explain that one!! 

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