Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Vacay....vacated.

It's a Friday night. 

It's a Friday night that I was SUPPOSED to be sitting in Denver, on the patio at a friend's house, drinking a cold one after traveling with three children the last couple of days. 

Instead, I'm on my own couch.  Drinking a cheap sangria that tastes like Kool-Aid (seriously, so nummy I can't believe it was $2.50 - seriously, THAT cheap!!).  I've got a cake cooling and another one in the oven for some extended family. 

Why aren't I in Denver?  Because of water.  Water water everywhere.  And since DH is in the military, he was called up to help fight the influx of water.  He ended up being gone from the house for a little over a week - not bad in the grand scheme of things, but long enough that we had to delay our summer vacay. 

Have you ever tried to explain to an almost-7-year-old that our vacation has been pushed back?  Deleting the line from our calendar on the door and saying that we WILL be here for his tee-ball games...he didn't get it.  I didn't want to say it.  Honestly, I think I was more disappointed than him though.  Even though I'd be irritated approximately 23 minutes into a loooong car trip, I was so looking forward to seeing friends and visiting and relaxing. 

I'm trying to be the grown-up.  I really am.   But I just wanna whine.  I wanna be out of here.  I just hope that we can reschedule for next month without an issue!!! 


  1. So sorry that you had to delay your trip. I hope that you will be able to reschedule really soon!

  2. I hope so too!!! it's in all of our best interest to take a vacation!!!

  3. Aw, July is right around the corner. Hope everything worked out!