Saturday, July 9, 2011


I'm not sure when I turned into a "keeper" - as in, I want to keep EVERYTHING.  I'm not to the point where my family needs to intervene because there are animals living under piles of "stuff" all over my house and I have a path that I strategically use to get into certain rooms - oh no, it's not THAT bad.  But ... I do want to keep momentos, projects, school-related things, etc for the boys.  For me to remember how sweet and little they once were. 

In May, I took part in a challenge from iHeartOrganizing to declutter the house.  For four weeks, I cleaned out certain areas of the house.  Started with the entry way and living room, then the kitchen, bedroom and bathrooms.  I managed to get rid of a LOT of stuff.   Some is still in the garage, waiting for its destiny but a lot has already been donated to the ARC

As part of this challenge, I determined that the office may take a month in an of itself. We've got an office in the basement.  It's got a big desk, filing cabinets, a table destined for greatness, an armoire and a queen-sized bed.  Sounds like a lot of stuff in there.  Now imagine if all that desktop, table top and bed are covered with stuff.  And tubs and bags of stuff on the floor.  It's overwhelming.  I can honestly say I know exactly what is in the office.  Exactly where to find things.  DH can't find a darn thing.  And so it's not working out in it's current condition.  I need to organize. I've been dumping stuff in there for the last 2 years. 

I know it will get worse before it gets better.  But when it already starts as this:

 (yes, that's where the boys and I camped out when the tornado warnings were going off OVER MEMORIAL DAY)

It's hard to see it getting much worse.  Yikes.  Wish me luck!! 

*STUFF: clothes, shoes, toaster, smores maker, walker, baby baths, hats, coats, boots, movies, wii games, pictures, scrapbook tools, scrapbook paper, filing to do, wall art, candles, pillows, wrapping paper, cd's, guard stuff, birthday cards, old phones, old cameras, office supplies, Christmas decorations, kids crafts and projects, glue gun, my crafty stuff, SHRM books, photo albums, last minute hostess gifts, foam for DH's poker table build, mugs, bowls, decorations, buckets, I'm finding it hard to breathe.  YIKES. 


  1. Not that I want to win this contest, but our cluttered computer room totally beats YOUR cluttered computer room. Someday i want it to actually be usable space instead of the room I avoid.... yuck.

  2. I want a picture or I won't believe you!!

    My only saving grace right now is that now when Sam is growing out of things, they are LEAVING my house immediately and not storing for another kiddo! yahoo!!!