Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's the Cheesiest!

Campbells Soup.  Huggies diapers.  Enfamil formula.  Bounty paper towels.  Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.  Kleenex.  Charmin.  Betty Crocker. 

Today I was making my weekly trek to Sam's Club for a few vital things and spent 4 excrutiating minutes in the laundry detergent aisle.  I always use Tide.  Have forever.  Yes, I realize it is more expensive.  I do know this.  Our littlest tike has sensitive skin and so I've been using Tide Free for the past 4+ months.  I really needed to pick some up since it's laundry day and I'm not sure if what we have at home would be enough.  So I'm standing there in Sam's.  Looking back and forth at detergent.  The only dye-free/scent-free one they had was All, no Tide.  I look at the price.  $11 and change.  Holy crap, way cheaper than the Tide I've been buying.  Do I want to make a second stop today?  Especially with 3 little boys with me?  No.  So I pick up the All.  Seriously, this took me 4 minutes of back and forth, weighing my options - who will melt down if I stop at Target?  Do I really want to lug the carrier in another store?  MM, Target has Starbucks though.  Sigh, if I get Starbucks then the two big boys will want something.  Argh.  What to do, what to do. 

Finally, the All is in my cart.  In my head, I'm thinking - hey, it's only $11 if I don't like it.  How can I get my thinking to turn around and say "holy crap, I just saved $8 on detergent and I bet it will work great!"?  As I continued to wander the store, I realized that I buy the name brand about 85% of the time. 

A major milestone for me a few years ago was to start buying Target brand tissues.  I actually prefer them to Kleenex brand now.  This was HUGE for me.  Unfortunately, I'm back to Kleenex brand now as I can buy in bulk at Sams and we usually have at least one runny nose in the house. 

A couple months back, DH texted me from Sam's to say that formula there was waay cheaper than Enfamil (like $14 cheaper).  Same exact ingredient list, same exact nutritional value.  So I hemmed and hawed.  Hmm.  Hemming.  Hawing.  Finally ask our pediatrician what she thinks.  Go for it.  So we did.  Do you think babycakes cares?  No.  Just keep it comin'. 

I sign up for deals and notifications on things going on sale.  But can I get myself to use a coupon at the grocery store?  No.  Can I get myself to buy the Marshmallow Matey's instead of Lucky Charms?  No.  Can I buy store brand Mac & Cheese?  No way Jose! 

When I think of all the money that I could potentially be saving, it makes me sick.  Yet I continue to buy generally the same way I always have.  I know this starts young - there's a study that's making waves right now about kids and McDonalds (yes, McDonald's again, though this study is from 2007).  Exact same food tastes better to kids if it has the Mickey D's logo on it.  Even carrots.  Seriously. 

So my quick trip to Sam's today - you be the judge:
All detergent
Generic Formula (Member's Mark?)
Tyson chicken nuggets
Gorton Fisherman fish sticks
bakery cookies (chocolate chunk if you're curious)

I guess we'll wait and see if our clothes feel any different once I start using the All.  Technically, no smell should change since I'm going from Tide Free to All Free.  Think anyone in my family will notice besides me?  I doubt it. 


  1. I hate store brand mac and cheese and store brand tomato soup. I will by the store brand tomato soup and use it for hotdishes and what not though. Some things I have no issue with buying store brands, others, I prefer the name brand. Oh what to do. Can't wait to hear how the ALL turns out for ya :)

  2. I agree with Vickie, you can NOT buy store bought mac and cheese or tomoato soup! I used to use Tide and now i use Era (it is the only thing that gets blood out) and i have noticed less stains since not using tide! But i don't know if they make a Era free...


  3. we also used the sam's club version of formula...w/2 babies i was going broke trying to buy the expensive stuff...which in our house lasted about a day and a half!