Tuesday, July 27, 2010

nananananananana Thunder!

That was my attempt at AC/DC classic Thunderstruck.  Can you tell? 

I think half of our community was up overnight with the thunderstorms whipping through the area.  The other half was asleep.  Lucky them. 

I woke up at 1:25 when a big bolt of lightning and the accompanying crash of thunder woke me up.  When talking with people at work and reviewing the news, it sounds like that's when EVERYONE was hit.  We are about 15 minutes north of town, and I know that it was affecting houses 20 minutes southwest of town as well!  That's a BIG storm.  Sirens were going off; there were tornado warnings; meteorologists were telling you to take cover.

I just went back to sleep.  I didn't trek to the living room to watch the news.  If I did, I wouldn't have fallen back asleep.  And with three boys, dang right I'm going to sleep if they're going to let me!  Now that I've heard a little more of what was going on out there, I'm second-guessing myself for not paying attention.  But oh well.  What can you do about that now? 

We lived out in Colorado for about 6 years - I don't remember having storms like these!  We've been just pummeled this summer.  It seems that everywhere is getting hit with extreme weather [i.e. China is having massive flooding and mudslides (due to record breaking snowfall this winter!)].  Is Mother Nature off her meds lately or what? 

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