Thursday, July 8, 2010


Ah, the Fourth of July.  Best holiday EVER for pyromaniacs and deaf old men.  Worst holiday for nervous dogs and small children.  And nervous moms. 

We were at the lake.  Apparently, word is that fireworks are illegal to be set off in the state of Minnesota.  I'm reading the statutes regarding this and am confusing myself.  And here I thought I wanted to be a lawyer when I was growing up.  Looks like certain things are allowed and certain others are not.  Typical. 

Anyway, so my BIL2B (brother-in-law-to-be) shows up with bags and bags of fireworks.  There are three 3-year-old boys and one 6-year-old boy that are immediately enthralled.  I think it was the highlight of my 6YO's year so far, AND he already had his birthday and got a baby brother too!  I spent most of the night in the house, with the baby.  I'll say he was sleepy and not feeling well.  Ok, so I was napping too, big deal.  It's probably a good thing that I didn't witness all the fireworks festivities, especially when I now see pictures and my 3YO and 6YO are just right up in there the entire time. 

Did you know that people DIE from fireworks?  Ok, so some of them are from heart attacks out in their boat after watching a fireworks show, but still!  Yes, that came up when I googled "fireworks fatalities".  Weird. 

Anyway, I'm trying NOT to be a helicopter mom, but when it comes to fireworks, I get freaked out!  The boys just don't pay enough attention to their surroundings (and not just the little boys either).  When the baby and I finally did make our appearance, I was trying to play it cool but I was freaked.  I can't help it.  Pretty sure the DH (dear husband) knew this but by that time, the supply was dwindling and it was a little too late to say they couldn't partake! 

I'm going to go with the fact that maybe we're teaching them fire and fireworks safety at a young age and they'll carry it on through adulthood?  Does that work?  Does that ease my mind?  Well, until next year at least....


  1. Oh, and according to my 3YO, it's not "Happy Fourth of July!" but actually "Happy Birthday July!". :)

  2. did you hear travis's story about blowing up fish w/fireworks with his friends....gross but funny story...
    heather v.