Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Books, Nooks and E-Readers, Oh my!

A friend's status on Facebook triggered this post.  She questioned "Kindle: Y or N?" and it reminded me that I want an electronic reader.  But as of right now, I'm too cheap.  I have heard that books are $10 for a download and plus the cost of the reader and whatnot, I didn't want to invest that much money into something when I can go to the library for free.  I used to buy books all the time - until I realized I had bought the same book multiple times (at least I know my tastes didn't change much, eh?). 

So as some of her friends and myself are commenting back and forth on her status, one of them recommended checking with our local library to see what they do for ebooks and the like.  Hmm, good question.  So I go online and see that yes, our library DOES participate in ebooks - they'll download to your computer for offline reading or direct to your portable reader!  WOO HOO!!!  This makes me happy!  As of right now, it doesn't look like they'll do the Kindle, but they specifically mention the Nook, Sony Daily Edition and Sony Digital Readers.  And something called COOL-ER.  

So I bring this up at work today as one of my co-workers is an avid reader as well.  She thinks it's worth waiting for the iPad to be more readily available around here.  And then you could do all sorts of things just on one portable unit, rather than juggling so many things.  Makes sense.  Do I have the patience?  Do I even want to spend the money?  I feel like I'm behind the times (I don't even own an iPod or a Zune or a Blue-Ray player!) but I think eventually I'll get with it! :)  I think I'm too chicken to take the plunge!! 

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