Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tweaks? Twi-Hards?

Speaking of books...and then books being made into movies.....and then movies becoming filled with craze-filled fans.....

Are you a Twilight fan? 

I resisted.  I really truly resisted.  Years I resisted.  No way.  Vampires?  Puh-lease.  Werewolves?  Are you serious? 

BUT, I've caved.  This past spring, a co-worker/friend (can I call her a co-friend?  co-worker who becomes a friend?  so then would I have to refer to my husband as a co-husband?  nevermind.) brought the four books of the series to me to read while I was on maternity leave.  Yeah yeah yeah, I'll get to them if I have time.  I leisurely finished my books that I had out from the library.  Looked around the house and my eyes settled on these big black books with red and white stuff on the covers. 

OOOh spooky design.  Uh huh.  I'm still battling in my head whether I want to or not.  So many friends had said they were great books, even my sister who doesn't strike me as liking fantasy fiction stuff.  But even the reviews says things like "teen drama" and "teen romance" and there are posters in the Teen Room at the library.  Fine.  All right.  I'll do it.  I'm 32 years old, and I'll read Twilight.  [And really, the whole "teen" thing should bother me as I am addicted to what my husband calls "teen dramas" - The OC, 90210, Gossip Girl, to name a few.] 

So I sat down to read while babycakes was napping.  And I finished the book that same day.  Woah.  Powerful stuff.  I am sure that I looked like an idiot with my mouth hanging open in a half smile as I'm reading.  Way to go Stephenie Meyer!!! 

I immediately start New Moon.  Again, can't put it down.  I think my family is lucky I was even able to take care of myself much less the baby while I was reading!  Enthralled.  Mesmerized.  Bewitched.  Spellbound.  Enraptured.  It was all I could do to put it down to tend to the kiddo's basic needs.  Though, I could potentially place the blame for this on him as well - he was napping ON me.  For hours.  I couldn't move for risk of waking him up.  Handy excuse, isn't it?  Hee hee. 

Anyway.  So yes, I finished all four books of the series in about a week and a half.  I managed to tear myself away from them for longer periods of time so that I could get some basic housework done.  But I could hardly wait to sit back down and pick up where it left off!  AND THEN, wouldn't you know it - I read all the books and then Starz has a free weekend on our cable so I can watch Twilight the movie!  AND THEN, New Moon came on PPV three days later!  So yes, I read all four books and watched the two available movies.  All after I decided was that I *might* read the first book.  Good grief. 

So I go to her website and start snooping around.  Holy crap, there's a version from Edward's point of view I find out (again, from my co-friend).  It's called Midnight Sun and I read it just as ravenously as I read the books.  It's not complete as it was leaked online and she never finished it.  I honestly hope she does finish it and does the same for the subsequent novels as well!!  There's also a novella about Bree Tanner!   

Now Eclipse is in theaters.  I know people who went to the midnight premiere.  I was not one of them.  Will I see it in the theater?  Perhaps.  I might wait until it's out on PPV though.  Will I end up buying the movies?  Probably.  I returned the books to my co-friend and promptly went out and bought my own.  It's true.

So are you a Tweak (Twilight freak) or a Twi-Hard (die-hard, obviously)?  I think I'm just a fan.  Maybe a big fan, but not quite to Tweak status and definitely not a Twi-Hard. 


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  1. Rob Pattinson -- YUMMY! I haven't read the books and I've only seen the first movie. However, I would love to read the books if I only had the time! Maybe someday. For now, I think I will just watch to movies as they come out. :)