Friday, June 25, 2010

Good ol' Mickey D's...

I was *extremely* disturbed by an article on MSN Money the other day. It was about a group that is planning on suing McDonald's for including a toy in their Happy Meals. The gist is that Happy Meals aren't the healthiest for our children and now they're (McD's) forcing parents to feed their children crap because the kid wants the toy.

You can read the story here. If you want to read it first and then come back, go ahead. I'll wait. I would hate for my opinion to color your impression of the article. Mm, that's not true, I'm hoping you are as PO'd as I am about it. Ok, go ahead and read and come back.

Done yet? Can I go on? No? Ok. I'll give you another minute.

Now? Ok, good. Here goes.

First off, I think this group has too much time and money on their hands. What are they hoping to accomplish? Hmm, let me think....LARGE SETTLEMENT. That's why they're going after McD's rather than the rash of other fast food joints that offer toys with their kids meals. And yes, Mickey D's has set a precedent of settling outside of court on other issues. But still.

Second, REALLY??!?!? I'm pretty sure that I'm the adult in our car when we're looking for something to eat. My children are not holding a gun to my head to make me drive to McDonald's for a Happy Meal. If a little toy from a popular movie or tv show is going to make the kids happy, and I feel like a quarter pounder with cheese, no onions extra pickles, then I'm all for it. Remember, it's called a Happy Meal. It makes the kid happy, it makes the car quiet and then yes, a happy mom.

Third, they are going for the shock factor. Comparing McDonald's to a child molester? SERIOUSLY? Ok, I'll give you that Ronald McDonald is a little freaky with his bright red/orange hair and the whole clown thing that people have a phobia of (it's called Coulrophobia), but c'mon.

Where does it end? Pretty soon they're going to sue restaurants for serving wine. Dangit, sometimes I need that wine. You better leave them alone.

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