Friday, September 17, 2010

Arts and Crafts and Cakes, Oh My!

Lately, I've been feeling the itch.  Hmm, that sounds bad.  Scratch that.  [heh].  Let's start over.

Lately, I've been feeling the urge.  Is that better?  I don't know.  ANYWAY.  The urge to what, you might say?  Please, say it?  So I can go on? 

K thanks. 

I'm somewhat artistic. I like to draw, paint, scrapbook, write stories, do "stuff" with my hands.  And by having 3 kids in 6 years, I'm not able to express myself as artistically as I would like as of late.  We've moved states, built a house, started new jobs, had more kids, etc and my crafting urges have continued to be pushed to the side.  I'm to the point where I *need* to do something.  I've continued to be able to read and love my books, but I need to DO something. 

So what did I do?  I signed up for some cake decorating classes at Michaels.  And I L.O.V.E. them.  I think that some of my love for this is because I get to buy "tools" to do the crafty stuff.  And Michaels keeps giving me 50% off coupons - how am I to resist?   I'm going to need an additional pantry to store all my cake decorating paraphernalia. 

What am I going to do with a cake decorating class?  Well, honestly, probably just make fan-frickin-tabulous cakes for my family and friends.  I'm 32 now (oy) and I have a LOT of cake making years ahead of me.  So far, just one cake down.  By my calculations, I could have 872 *decorated* cakes under my belt before I kick the bucket.  Not to be confused with all the *random cake that I like to make* (and eat, again, oy).  Here's my first creation - hubby's birthday this week.  He wanted yellow cake with chocolate frosting (yes, he's an original type of guy....). 
I know you professional bloggers out there won't appreciate my cell-phone quality picture (because hey, I took it on my cell phone, at class, with decorating crap all around) but here you go!  And guess what - he loved it! :)  


  1. Mmmm Steph! Looks delish!

  2. and as long as he loved it, that's what it's all about!

  3. Steph, that cake looks awesome. Yellow cake w/chocolate frosting is my absolute favorite!