Thursday, September 30, 2010

OMG Did you hear?!?!

I like to think people are geeky in their own fun, chic way.  Geeky is chic, right?  Please?  Um, no seriously, please? 

I'm going to reveal to you one of oh let's say MANY items in my geekiness arsenal.

I live for celebrity gossip.  Maybe live for is too strong, but let's just say I can rattle off useless celeb knowledge left and right.  Because it's SO USEFUL.  I use it in every day conversation, for example:  "Did you see that dude's facial hair?  SOOO a Speidi wannabe.  But why?  Speidi is SO GROSS.  So Fake.  So not RIGHT." 

I'd like to pause here and say that I feel like Elle Woods in her Harvard Law School application video when she uses legal jargon in every day life.  I object!  :)

Anyway, back to the gossip.  I watch E! tv.  I go to and pore through People magazine every week.  I'm not a huge fan of some of the other mags as I think they're a little too trashy (yeah, I'll say it.  Some gossip is better class than others.  Whatev.)  I've never watched an episode of Jersey Shore but I know all the names, fave drinks and arrest records.  Hmm.  Let me repeat, this is SOO USEFUL. 

So a couple years back, someone with superior mind-numbing brilliance came up with the idea for celebrity fantasy leagues.  Like fantasy football, but for celebs instead.  Can you say AWESOME?

So we draft a team of celebs and are scored points based on their appearances in magazines.  We can drop the snoozers and pick up the hot ones.  I LOVE it.  My only issue is picking up celebs that I really just don't LIKE.  As in Spencer Pratt (see above reference to Speidi).  And Mariah Carey.  I can't think of any other celebs I really dislike off the top of my head - OH WAIT - Andy Dick and Kathy Griffin.  In equal amounts of dislike.  But you get the gist.  Can I really continue to hate a celeb if they're scoring me points?  Isn't that hypocritical?  Such a fine line, I just don't know.

New season starts next week.  And I'm pumped.  I sat out this past season as I was hugely pregnant and then insanely sleep-deprived with a newborn and I didn't feel that I could dedicate the time and energy needed to completely live up to my celeb league standards.  Though I probably watched more E! on maternity leave than I care to admit.  Ahem.  Yeah. 

Oh, did I mention we drink and have a good time and trash talk while we're doing this league?  I think that makes it a little more acceptable, right? :)

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