Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wait, hold the phone

I had to run to Target today to get a birthday present for a party that T-Dog is going to tomorrow.  So of course, it ends up an entire lunch-hour-long excursion.  So I find a present and start my wandering aimlessly around.  I peak at the Halloween costumes, brilliantly illuminated by the displays of Christmas lights across the aisle, by the way.  I find costumes for all three boys if I can get them to pin down what they want to be.  (Side note - Buzz Lightyear gets worn at our house every other week or so.  And so I assume that he will want to be Buzz Lightyear for Halloween again this year.  Of course not - he says Woody now.  Crap.  Figures.) 

I keep meandering, picking up toothpicks (for mixing my frosting colors) and some butt paste (for Sam's red bum - and I put the link so you know that's actually what it's called, not just me referring to it as paste that is put on his butt, k?), etc.  Then I remember I should get a card.  So I get to the cards, find one that's somewhat not too childish but not too adult for a 7YO, which is ridiculously hard.  Because does he really care?  Probably not.  Do I care too much?   Probably.  Ugh.

I start to look at other cards because that's the mood I was in.  And I see a whole section on "The Sweetest Day - October 16, 2010".  WTH?  Valentine's Day is in February, what is this Sweetest Day crap?  Never had I heard of it.

I get back to work and google it. 

It's a midwest thing, been around for ages.  I might be becoming more cynical in my old age, or some of DH's opinions are rubbing off on me.  Regardless, I do not see the point.  If it's a day to spread love and cheer, do you really need a card?  Do you really need a card that waxes poetically on your love on this sweetest day to your sweetest person in your sweetest life?  I want to raise the Bullshit card on this one.  I bet Hallmark doesn't make one of those, but I digress. 

People complain that Valentine's Day is too commercial, too orchestrated by the cards, flowers and candy industries.  While I don't necessarily agree, because again, we DO have free will not to buy into the cards, flowers and candy, I totally think this Sweetest Day "holiday" is something that we don't need to be observing.  Maybe I'm a scrooge today. 

Anyway that's my rant for today.  Even my delicious chai tea latte from sbux can't get me to thaw on this one!

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