Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Black hole

We built our house in the spring of 2008.  It's a nice house, I really do love it!  BUT there is one room.  In the basement.  Without windows.  Easily closed off and abandoned.  It's our office.  Slash spare room since there's a queen bed in there too.  It's also going to be my "lock the door and shut out the kids when mom needs a minute to get things done" room. 

Right now, it catches everything.  There's a computer desk with our old desktop and printer on it.  There's filing cabinets, empty tubs, an armoire, tubs of decorations, pictures, scrapbooks, etc.  There're pillows, extra bedding, wrapping paper, child-size cots, oh and the queen size bed in the middle of the room. 

My goal is to get this place organized.  First step - I bought a table.  The room is fairly large, and can accomodate quite a bit of furniture.  And if it's cleaned up, it will look a whole lot nicer and be more welcoming (in my head at least).

So this table...I see great things in store for it.  I can visualize sitting there, lovingly wrapping Christmas presents, birthday presents, addressing cards and letters.  It's where I will cut the boys' school pictures down to size to hand out to friends and family.  It's where I can finally get back to scrapbooking the memories of my children and my wedding (yes, I'm THAT far behind).  It's where I will keep all my extra picture frames and doo dads and whatchamacallits that I can't bear to throw out but I have no idea where to put them because I might need them someday and when will I run across that particular thing again?  You know what I mean. 

I brought home this table yesterday after work.  It's in the garage.  I need to clean out this room before I can get my husband to haul it downstairs.  Maybe his brother will help so I don't have to.  That'd be nice.  Anyway.  So I go into the room last night.  Open the door, turn on the light.  Wander to the far corner of the room that has been catching the most....oh let's just call it crap....for the past year.  I touch the bed, I move a chair.  I stare all around.  And then I slowly back out of there and hit the light and slam the door and go running back upstairs. 

I think I'm a little overwhelmed. ;)

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  1. i truly wish that i had only ONE room like this in my house...