Sunday, September 26, 2010


So when I was in high school, I had some migraines every once in a while.  I got some excellent drugs for them but eventually they just stopped.  Yay!  Fast forward 10+ years. 

All of the sudden I had no peripheral vision.  Just black from the centers of my eyes out to the sides.  We're out of town and end up going to a teeny tiny ER.  They have no idea what's going on but they take pictures of my head and give me some uber drugs that I wasn't sure if the drugstore in town would even have.  Eventually went away, but I was basically falling down flat for a day and a half.  I had had a sinus infection and they thought it was related but couldn't give me any more than that.  Um, ok.

Six months later, I get another one.  I'm at work this time though.  I start seeing bright spots at first, and then wavy lines and then it was like I was looking through water.  I could barely even say my name.  My husband comes and takes me to the ER.  They pump me full of drugs and give me migraine medication to take in the future.  This time I've got an ear infection. 

Basically, I start with what they call an ocular migraine and then I get the horrendous backlash headache afterwards.  The ones where you stand up but your head either a) stays put on the couch, or b) zooms up faster than your body and keeps going.  You know, where you have to stand for a minute to get your head back to your body.  Make sense?  The only coincidences for those recent migraines are the antibiotics that I was on for the infections.  So as I continue to get sick, I ask for a z-pack instead of amoxicillin.  I've let my dr know that while I'm not sure I'm allergic to it, I have a bad reaction and it's just easier for all involved if I DON'T have it.

Two weeks ago I start to see spots at work again.  Son of a.  I'm not on any antibiotic or z-pack right now.  What the h?   I turn down all the lights, the auras eventually stop.  I immediately pop some OTC drugs as I have none of the migraine medication with me - hey it'd been like 18 months so I figured I was good to go and not need to carry them with me anymore.  Besides, they knock me on my arse and I had cake decorating class that night and dangit, I wasn't going to miss! 

I leave work, take a nap, am still wobbly by the time cake class starts but I'm able to participate and whatnot. 

Yesterday morning, I'm making biscuits and gravy and all of the sudden it hits me.  I can't see straight.  Feels like I'm looking through water and light headed.  I turn off the lights in the house and keep cooking.  I take some Tylenol and take a nap.  Horrendous headache all day.  What the heck is going on? 

I honestly think it's allergies.  Could that be the case? 

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